• Communication and Internet Technology Solutions

    GridNet is a pioneer developer of Networking and Internet Technology solutions, mainly focusing on the fields of wireless communications, software-defined networking, sensor networks and energy management. Read More

  • Research Based Approach - Applied to the market

    GridNet provides products and services that are built on the top of research outcomes, are driven by tomorrow’s commercial needs and are applied to today's market. Read More

  • Applications and Services Based on Cutting-edge Technologies

    Gridnet develops innovative solutions that are applied in transportation systems, Smart Cities and the Smart Grid, bridging the gap between Quality of Service provisioning and Energy efficiency. Read More
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GridNet SA

- - Pioneering work on Internet Technology and Communications - -
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We focus on the fields of wireless communications, SDN, sensor networks and energy management.


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of software and hardware solutions in the IT industry.


We have a comprehensive portfolio of services that assess our partners and customers to maximize their performance and achieve their vision.