GridNet offers a comprehensive portfolio of software and hardware solutions in the IT industry. Company's main focus is in the development of state of the art technologies and appliances with the mind in the future.

Our product range comprises of Custom Made Solutions for Communication and Management, Web-based Systems, Sensor Platforms, PCB Design and Development with the usage of open source microcontrollers, web applications, cloud computing applications, software-defined networks and so on. 

Our goal is to provide cost effective, cutting edge technology and give our customers the ability to find the appropriate solutions to their needs. We aim at developing high quality, robust products and create confident and satisfied customers that want to be leaders.

Product Categories

  • Smart Phone Applications

    Smart Phone Applications

    The all demanding field of hand held devices and the corresponding need for liturgical, well designed applications create a unique
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  • Hardware Appliances

    Hardware Appliances

    We design and print “Printed Circuit Boards” for customized appliances and platforms. Our team of engineers has the experience and
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  • Software-Web Solutions

    Software-Web Solutions

    We provide high quality and added value software solutions with respect to the design and technology trends. Gridnet’s goal is
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